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Barre 3 Outdoor Shakes & Juice Class

Posted by Toni Sarain on

Hello Everyone!

Today the breeze was a little chilly, the sun was shining, and the skies were bright blue! It truly was a beautiful day. What was the highlight of your day? What did you enjoy? 

This morning we enjoyed teaming up with Sarah Regier, studio owner of the newly anticipated Barre3 at Four Points in hosting a "Barre3 Outdoor Shakes & Juice" class at our new Cedar Park location.

It was my first official barre class and let me tell you- I felt the BURN. My legs were SHAKING! 

The class truly set the intention for a great day. We worked on building our strength, flexibility, and balance together.

Afterward we refreshed ourselves with cold-pressed juices, fresh salads from our salad bar, and let's not forget the hot tomato basil soup. Thank you chef Stephen!

Join us for the next class on February 17th at 10:30AM! Space is limited. Please email for information.

 The Barre3 Four Points studio is coming soon. It is located in the Trails at 620 shopping center on north FM620 between Wilson Park Avenue and Concordia University Drive. Click here to get notified when the studio opens!



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