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Daily Juice & Keen Family Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Day

Posted by Toni Sarain on

Hello Everyone!

Now that you're caught up with the events from last week, take a peek at one of the two events Daily Juice participated in yesterday!

Wednesday is the hump that sits heavily right in the middle of our week, separating us from the freedom of the weekend. Just like anything in life, a hump in the road, big or small, is best tackled with a positive attitude and a plan for success! What made your Wednesday fun and special?

For us at Daily Juice, it was waking up early and having a great start by participating in the Keen Family Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Day.

Frame Kiddos Keen Chiropractic ATX Daily Juice

(The kiddos from the Frame Family excitedly enjoyed tasting our juices. It's funny how many adults are afraid and intimidated by green juice. Fruits and veggies are friends AND food! Develop a taste for good food early!)

Dr. Keen's office is a Maximized Living clinic located on Anderson Mill Road, making it different from the typical chiropractic experience you're thinking of.

Maximized Living clinics are located all over the United States and other parts of the world like Puerto Rico, Canada, and Zimbabwe! They're not about just treating pains or symptoms of sickness. It's about independently establishing your own health as a strong, preventative, foundation to avoid disease. The clinic focuses on the root causes that lead to poor health and eventually sickness.

Their foundation is based off 5 essential health principles: mind, nerve supply,quality nutrition,oxygen/lean muscle, and minimizing toxins. Incorporating these essentials promote life-long natural healing and recuperative abilities of the body WITHOUT MEDICINE!

Sound familiar? That's what we aim to achieve at Daily Juice with our fresh, raw, cold pressed juices featured in our juice cleanses! We believe receiving nourishment from unprocessed, whole ingredient foods is the practice of a healthier eating lifestyle. Naturally helping you fight against chronic illness and disease. A juice cleanse is a great way to reboot and kick start anyone's transition to healthier eating! Pave the way for a great year of healthy eating by purchasing a cleanse online. We ship all around the United States! Read more about our shipping policies if you want to learn more.

Daily Juice Variety Cleanse with Triangle

(Daily Juice 1 Day Variety Cleanse with the Triangle pictured above.)

If you're interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Keen, please call 512.335.8700 email or you can sign up on their website here.

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