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Barre3 Outdoor Class at Daily Juice

Posted by Toni Sarain on

Hey guys!

Thanks for reading our blog and showing us some love on instagram!

Let's end the week off right by taking a moment to reflect about something we truly enjoyed.

I had a blast hosting our second "Barre3 Outdoor Shakes & Juice Class" on Wednesday with Barre3 studio owner, Sarah Regier! It was a great turn out with the class size being double, almost triple, from the first class last month!


Daily Juice Barre3 Four Points Pop Up Class

(Attendees visiting before class)

Construction for the Four Points studio is underway and quickly making progress. In fact, the barres were successfully installed yesterday! Check out Sarah squeezing in a quick 10 minute workout here on the new barre this morning! 

I'm really enjoying the barre work out! As onlooker, the class seems very simple and easy at first, but Barre is one of the most intense forms of exercise I have ever experienced.

The exercise features small repetitive movements that target the use of our stabilizer muscles. You'll know your stabilizer muscles are working when you experience your body shaking to maintain balance. This is what normally discourages individuals to follow through with the exercise they're doing. They perceive this discomfort as being too much exertion and they stop. With mind and body connection, right form, and the intention to strengthen your body, anyone can benefit from practicing Barre! Plus the endorphin boost I feel after class feels great and brightens my day. I am always left feeling accomplished, relaxed, clear headed, and focused.

Barre3 Daily Juice

Barre3 Daily Juice Outdoor Class

(Photos from the middle of class. Woohoo! Look at us powering through the workout WHILE getting a nice tan! ;p)


The Barre3 Four Points studio is located on 8300 North FM 620, Suite M200.

Get notified when it opens here.

 Barre3 Four Points Instagram Daily Juice

(Group Photo! Attendees during and after class)

 In other related news, Daily Juice will be at the Barre3 Circle C location all day this Sunday Feb. 21st to sample juices for the Barre3 Circle C group juice cleanse challenge!

See ya'll there!

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