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Recipe: Golden Turmeric Latte


Often times we have people come into the store looking for ways to incorporate more turmeric into their diets. While we do have some tasty ways for you to enjoy turmeric (like our hot and crunchy T.K.OM soup), here is a simple recipe that you can do from home. The turmeric latte is a great way to add this powerful, anti-inflammatory substance into your day and the the warmth and golden hue is sure to bring a new meaning to the idea of comfort food.


  •  Almond milk (or your choice of nut milk)
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Black Pepper
  • Coconut oil
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Maple Syrup


  1. Combine all ingredients in pan and heat and stir until ingredients are well combined
  2. Blend in your favorite blender
  3. Mix in a tblspn of maple syrup (or choice sweetner) and sprinkle cinnamon on top
  4. Enjoy!

Lolade is a health enthusiast with a passion for empowering her communit(ies) to lead their best lives. She is a certifying doula and Health Coach on a mission to transform the standard of care in women’s health. You can follow her journey on Instagram: @lolvde.

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