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Spirulina has always been one of my favorite superfoods.  It has everything you need.  It is a complete protein source, iron rich and it’s a strong detoxifier for the body.  You can put it in dips, food toppers, and smoothies.  Its beautiful color comes from its main active component phycocyanin, an antioxidant and fights inflammation.  Spirulina is so nutrient dense that you can use it for so many issues that could be affecting the body.  It’s easy to find and get works well in many recipes.  Spirulina is an effective and powerful way to get what you need each day.

Spirulina is labeled as a nutrient powerhouse and it is well deserved.  It has all the amino acids it needing to be a complete protein. It is one of the highest sources of plant protein on the planet.  It great for anybody trying to limit their intake of animal protein and replacing it with plant protein.  It is high in iron, so it helps with things like energy and anemia.  It’s great for women because it replaces iron lost during their menstrual cycle.  It is also a great source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), necessary for a healthy nervous system. With so many vitamin and minerals, spirulina might be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet gram for gram.

What makes spirulina so healthy is its strong detoxifying effect.  It is non-acid forming, so it helps with alkalizing the body. If you’ve been eating processed food or just exposed to the norms of modern living, it is good to detoxify often.  It doesn’t have to be a big detox that lasts for days.  Taking a little spirulina weekly on a consistent basis will help with removing heavy metals and radiation.  It also has some great immune boosting effects, accelerating the production of bone marrow cells, T-fighter cells and cytokines.

In conclusion, Spirulina is one of those superfoods that you can use for anything and find anywhere. If you’re feeling weak and need an energy boost, the iron building and blood boosting properties of spirulina will help.  If you are feeling under the weather, the immune boosting power will help with a faster recovery.  The essential fatty oils will help you think clearer so you can go about your day bright eyed and alert.  It’s a great weapon for your arsenal when fighting sleep or feeling healthy, keeping you refreshed and invigorated.


Chrissy Gentzel is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in training. She has a passion for yoga, a love for cooking and enjoys being out in nature on her free time. She was originally influenced by her mother throughout her childhood and has since started to pass those traits and characteristics to her daughter.  Sharing these ideals with her family and her friends, she promotes and believes in the power of healing through nutrition.

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