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Go Go Green Juice (recipe)

Posted by Emily von Euw on

It's a great idea to incorporate lots of veggies and non-sweet fruits into juices because they are absolutely loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals but don't have all the sugar that sweet fruits so. Sweet fruits are amazing for your body but for some people the high amounts of sugar in fresh fruit juice translate into energy crashes. When you use lots of veggies and non-sweet fruits, you get all that nutrition as well as sustained energy - for every body!  Go Go Green Juice:   1 green bell pepper 1 cucumber 5 cups spinach leaves 2 oranges 2 apples...

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Vegan Diet for Diabetes

Posted by Andrea Lewis on

There's little doubt that the right diet can improve and even prevent diabetes. This is especially true of type 2 diabetes, which is basically insulin resistance, but type 1 diabetes, also known as “juvenile diabetes”, can also be improved with the right diet. Below, and in no particular order, I have listed the whole foods that contain the nutrients most noted for their ability to alleviate and even prevent diabetes.  Diabetes Fighting Foods Chromium-Rich Foods broccoli barley oats green beans tomatoes Romaine lettuce mushrooms asparagus potatoes prunes bananas nuts black pepper thyme Alpha-Lipoic Acid-Rich Foods spinach yams broccoli potatoes Brussels...

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