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Recipe: Edamame Salad

Posted by Andy Cargill on

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Hailey Gowan, provides a plant-based recipe that's filled with protein.

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Saving Money on a Vegan Diet

Posted by Andrea Lewis on

The biggest roadblock to the adoption of a vegan diet is perception. The vegan diet is widely perceived as an elitist indulgence that the average consumer cannot afford. This is completely untrue. Below, I've compiled a list of five simple ways to feed a family of any size a 100% vegan diet on a tight budget. #1 Buy in-season produceFruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are all cheaper when purchased in season. Most people don't consider the expense of shipping produce from one country to another when they shop for groceries, they just complain about the price. Depending on what you're...

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