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Our Organic Offerings

Organic Practical

Responsible when it’s not

Here at Daily Juice, we have been able to negotiate with our suppliers to get some of our items organic year round. Other items' pricing and availability fluctuates greatly during the year and we can’t always get our ingredients at a price that makes sense. We probably shop like you do; we look for the best organic products, and when they aren’t available or are too expensive, we make the best decision.

We are committed to working with our suppliers to get more of our menu organic. We choose suppliers who share in our committment to source product that are Non-GMO. 

If you only eat organic, then you know that commitment comes at a great premium.  The premium on organic items ranges from 25% to 600%. For that reason,  our “All Organic” offerings will reflect a price increase based on the market price of the item.

If you want a Juice Cleanse that is all organic, we have that available for an upcharge that will flucuate based on produce pricing. Please allow for 48 hours on these orders so we can source the produce.

Responsible Clean Produce Washing Method

At Daily Juice, we take the cleaning of ALL produce very seriously.   Our cleaning method uses a mixture of cold filtered water, vinegar, fresh lemon juice and baking soda to scrub every bit of the produce before it comes to you.

We peel cucumbers, carrots & beets to remove any residue which may be on the skin.

Our family eats here too! Like you, we want the best products we can get at a fair price.