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We are Closing

Sad to say we are Closing

Dearest Friends,

This really hurts. Our last day of service will be Sunday, Jan 22nd at all locations*. 

We are so grateful to you all for supporting us through this journey, through the pandemic and throughout this last tough year of rising food costs, labor costs and rents. 

It has been a mission of joy to spread this mantra:

  • Eat Real Food
  • Mostly Plants
  • Drink Your Greens

We have been touched by your patronage, sharing of health journeys and passions for healing  heads, hearts and guts. 

Please come visit us one last time, grab a favorite juice, smoothie or acai bowl, and a Daily Juice sticker. If you’ve been thinking about a juice cleanse….now would be a good time to order one. 

If you have a Daily Juice gift card, prepaid cleanse or points you wish to redeem, it would be our honor to serve you something healthy one more time.

We are sad to go but hope we are leaving everybody a little healthier than when we found each other. 

Be mindful, healthy and local.

The Daily Juice team. 

P.S. We are selling our juicers, blenders, refrigerators, freezers, furniture and all manner of fixtures from this business. If you are interested, please visit EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES AUCTION

*The Westlake location is already closed.