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2 Door display fridge -BUY NOW OR BID-

  • $2,39500

Description: 2-door (Glass doors) retail display fridge

Manufacturer: Ture

Model: GDM-49

Condition: Used

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Product Description (From a 3rd party website)

The True GDM-49-HC~TSL01 two-section glass door merchandiser is built with two swinging glass doors, each of which are constructed with double-pane, thermal-insulated glass that prevents heat from passing through to maintain energy efficiency. Each of these doors is fitted with an extruded, contoured handle that provides a comfortable grip so that they open smoothly when a customer or operator needs to reach the contents. Magnetic door gaskets prevent cold air from escaping the cabinet and can be removed for cleaning and replacement.

The condensing unit is mounted in the bottom of the unit, a setup that enables critical components to operate in the coolest, most grease-free part of the kitchen to prevent premature failure. This design also lifts the merchandiser's bottom shelf off the ground so that items are within customers' reach. The True GDM-49-HC~TSL01 black merchandiser's capillary tube system maintains temperatures from 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal range to keep chilled food fresh and safe. Environmentally friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant keeps these temperatures cool. Since the evaporator and condenser fan motors provide high-volume airflow, less heat is produced and less energy is consumed.

To clean the condensing coil, the compressor's fan motor operates in reverse when it's started. It blows backwards for the first 20 seconds to rid the coil of dust, debris, and dirt. With this self-cleaning feature and regular maintenance, the unit operates using less energy, provides proper product temperatures, and overall runs more efficiently.