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3 Door Glass Retail Display Fridge -BUY NOW OR BID-

  • $6,83900

Description: 3-door (glass) refrigeration display case

Manufacturer: True

Model: gdm-72f-ld

Condition: Used

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Product Description (from 3rd party website)

Storing frozen goods in the True GDM-72F-LD three-section display freezer attracts customers and promotes impulse buys. This unit holds temperatures at -10 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for packaged frozen meals. A bottom-mounted compressor enables maintenance and creates a no-stoop lower shelf for storage. Its automatic defrost system starts based on a time clock and stops when the temperature is at the right level. The exterior is white laminated vinyl for durability and gives the unit a clean, fresh look.

The triple-pane, thermal-insulated glass doors keep cool air inside the freezer, and white powder-coated frames resist scratching. Each of the three doors has a 12-inch extruded handle that can be used for loading and unloading product. Doors are self-closing, and the magnetic door gaskets keep the cold air from escaping and are removable without tools to simplify cleaning. Heavy-duty, adjustable, 12 PVC-coated wire shelves hold product inside the freezer. The True GDM-72F-LD three-section display freezer’s shelves are adjustable in 12-inch increments.

The unit's refrigeration system has a condensing fan motor that runs in reverse mode for 20 seconds at start up to eliminate excess dust from the condenser coil. Keeping this component clean promotes efficient operation, maintains consistent temperatures, and saves energy. Although this unique feature prolongs the lifespan of the system, routine maintenance and cleaning is still required to prevent equipment failure.