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4 Drawer Under-Counter Top Freezer -BUY NOW OR BID-

  • $3,49361

Description: 4-drawer freezer with countertop

Manufacturer: True

Model: Tuc-48F-D-4-HC

Condition: Used

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Product Description (from 3rd party website)

The evaporator in the True TUC-48F-D-4-HC undercounter freezer's refrigeration system is epoxy coated to eliminate the potential of future corrosion, and its aluminum interior liner has a clear coating that streamlines cleaning. Locks are equipped on the front set of the 5-inch-diameter stem castors, which create a 36-inch work surface height. Made of stainless steel, the interior floor is durable, while its coved corners simplify cleanup. It has a stainless steel exterior front, top, and ends with a steel back coated in corrosion-resistant GalFan.

High-density polyurethane insulates the cabinet and drawer facings of the True TUC-48F-D-4-HC undercounter freezer, keeping cold air inside the unit. Its drawers can hold full-size food storage boxes or one third-size and one half-size pan in each section. For corrosion resistance, it has stainless steel exterior drawer facings, liners, and drawer frames, and the drawers are fitted with a 12-inch-long, recessed handle.

The unit's condensing fan motor moves in an opposite direction when the compressor is turned on to remove dirt and dust buildup from the coil's surface, enabling it to work more efficiently and keep products cool. Preventive maintenance should continue to be regularly implemented to monitor the coil's performance.