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1 Day Pre/Post Cleanse Juice & Food Plan

  • $3700

*NOTE* If more than one person is cleansing, please increase the product quantity.

Local Pickup Only. Meals will be selected based on seasonal offering, but you are welcome to change while picking up in store. Please list any food preferences you may have in the cart page and we will try to accommodate.

Great for maintenance or ideal for the days before and/or after a juice cleanse, these juices and meals are designed to ease you in and out of a juice cleanse. Convenience of healthy dining without the mess, fuss or decisions!  It's simple...each day, you consume only plant based products made from whole ingredient foods up until dinner. Then enjoy a sensible dinner.

A healthy eating lifestyle (not diet) based on mostly plant based foods will give you energy and vitality. Your prepared dinner (not included) should contain plenty of greens and a lean protein if desired. Remember, this is not a starvation program, THIS IS A LIFESTYLE PROGRAM designed to help you REBOOT YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!

Each day's food & juices supplied by Daily Juice includes: 2 Cold Pressed Juices, 1 Detox Lemonade or Cold Brewed Herbal Tea, 2 Freshly Prepared Plant Living Foods Meals.

Enjoy 1 item every 2-3 hours leading up to dinner. The meals are delicious and the juices are filling. (Samples available in store!)


COLD PRESSED JUICES: Pure & Simple, Balance, Lotus, Green Firefly, Triangle, Scorpion Lemonade

LIVING FOOD MEALS: Superfood Salad, Fire Kale Salad, Seasonal Kale Salad 

*Meal selections will be made by our chef based on the number of days selected and availability. For full descriptions of the food, please see our menu. 

ALLERGY WARNING: Many of our foods contain Legumes, Nuts and Seeds. Please read the label prior to consuming.

WANT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR FOOD & JUICE PLAN?  Call one of our stores and they would be happy to assist you.  

When do you want your Food & Juice Plan?

In-store pickup available for tomorrow. Please select your pick-up date on the cart page. Packages are picked up in 3 to 4 day increments for maximum freshness. All products to be consumed within 3 to 4 days of pick up.