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X-1 Commercial Juicer -BUY NOW OR BID-

  • $8,50000

Commercial Juicer - Goodature X-1.

Description: Commercial cold press juice machine

Model: X1

Manufacturer: Goodnature

Sold as is. No Warranty
Plunger & chute (hooper)
  1. X-1: The Goodnature X-1 is a beast of a machine that makes 2-3 gallons per press. Capable of producing hundreds of bottles of juice per hour, you can expect about 80 – 100 per hour in a normal juicing operation.
  2. The X-1 use case is simple: Best used for companies that want to make a lot of juice quickly, with minimal preparation and labor time.
  3. If you are planning a wholesale business or any other type of juice business that will be producing 150 – 800 bottles of juice per day, this machine could be the best fit for you. Compared to the Mini, the X-1 is big, loud, and messy, but oh boy—does it make juice!  The X-1 is capable of producing much more juice than 800 bottles of juice per day, but in a normal work environment we have seen about 80-100 bottles per hour as a realistic production rate.

    The ideal environment for using the X-1 is a commercial kitchen that has a floor drain so the machine can be washed down in-place. Many users don’t have a floor drain and are still able to utilize the machine efficiently, but the cleaning process takes a bit more time. If you don’t have a back-of-house kitchen, the X-1 isn’t really an option for you. It’s too loud to use in a cafe environment where customers are trying to enjoy their juice or coffee.


    Output: 20-40 Gallons / 75-150 liters max per hour - depends on workflow and recipe
    Ratings/Certifications: Conforms to UL STD 763 NSF/ANSI STD 8 Certified to CSA STD C22.2 #195 CE Compliant IEC Tested


Produce Varieties: Apple, kale, pineapple, spinach, almonds and other nuts, beet, celery, carrot, herbs, lemon, and hundreds more

Capacity: 25 - 30 lb (11.3 - 13.6 kg) per batch